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 The Human Aspects of the implementation of a yield management system


We first describe some general aspects of Yield Management in order to be sure that both writers and readers are using the same terminology with regard to the issues discussed in this paper.

Secondly we want to outline the most important elements that are to be considered regarding the people aspect of the implementation of a new Yield Management system. This part will form the main part of this report.

Thirdly we want to summarize, analyze and give our own opinion in the format of doís and doníts or key success factors.

Throughout the paper we will focus on the hotel industry.

Finally we will give a list of consulted and recommended information.

We have thoroughly analyzed and consulted a lot of material. We have discovered though that there is little documentation to be found that specifically deals with the concrete topic of this report.

We therefore have developed a lot of material ourselves, based on our know-how of Yield Management and the Hospitality Industry at one hand and our experience in managing changes and issues in the field of Human Resources on the other hand.

We have interpreted the title of this research "The Human Aspects of the Implementation of a Yield Management System" as "How to deal with the human aspects of the implementation of a Yield Management System".

We are convinced that this report will add a lot of value to the successful implementation of Yield Management with respect to Human Resource issues.

Please be sure as well that we can assist you in tailoring these research findings to your specific circumstances.

Table of contents




2.1 Yield Management *

2.2 Related terms *

2.3 Our focus of Yield Management *



3.1 Framework of the chapter *

3.2 The need for a champion, stakeholder and sponsor *

3.2.1 Sponsor *

3.2.2 Stakeholders *

3.2.3 Champion *

3.2.4 In Practice *


3.3 An implementation charter *

3.3.1 Reason why *

3.3.2 Stakeholdersí role *

3.3.3 Formulation *

3.3.4 In Practice *

3.4 A Yield Management Implementation Team *

3.4.1 Forming of the Yield Management Implementation Team *

3.4.2 First contact *

3.4.3 Team-orientation session *

A. Orientation to the teamís task *

B. Development of team norms *

C. Development of communication plans *

D. Development of team processes *

E. Team building *

3.4.4 In Practice *

A. Team Norms *

A.1 Possible outcomes *

A.2 What norms are crucial? *

A.3 Describing the norms *

B. Communication Plans *

B.1 First Step *

B.2 Second Step *

3.5 Appropriate Human Resource Policies *

3.5.1 In general *

3.5.2 Training and education *

A. Introduction to Yield Management *

B. Basic Yield Management training *

B.1 No "Big Bang" *

B.2 Frontline employees *

C. Continuous Education *

C.1 Learn from experiences *

C.2 Fixed training calendar *

3.5.3 Motivation program *

A. In general *

A.1 Goals *

A.2 Obstacles *

A.3 Rewards *

A.4 Incentives *

A.5 Equitability *

A.6 Timeliness *

B. On Yield Management *

B.1 Key aspects *

B.2 Wrong reward *

B.3 Incremental profitability *

3.5.4 Communication *



5.1 Books *

5.2 Articles *

5.3 Websites(*) *

5.4 Other resources *


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